Black Jet, pag. 269, by ANDREA MENÉNDEZ MENÉNDEZ

ISBN: 84-89880-77-8 Peñaferruz (Gijón) the Castle of Curiel and its territory.
Scientific edition, author: Jose Avelino Gutièrrez González . GIJON 2003


ISBN: 84-606-2668-7 Asturian Azabachería 1995

author: Valentin Monte Carreño, Jet Catalogue, fine edition


author: Valentin Monte Carreño
ISBN 84-933551-0-0 (2004)
Editorial Picu Urriellu

Craftsmen of Asturias Catalogue- Asturian Crafts

Council of Economy and Culture of the Asturias Principality, 1998

Santa Ana 1994
Expresiones artísticas de un tallista de Azabache

"Lise" , sign of identity of a skillful work, by Pablo Jesus Armada

Magazine Fusión, Marzo 2003


Eliseo Nicolás Alonso, "LISE"
Member of the Investigation black jet and Fossil Log Group of
The Oviedo University, Vicerrectorado of Investigation

Asturias Young World, number 12, May 1995 , Interview


"Lise" has been interviewed in multitude of occasions and means, Radio, Press and National Television and Asturian or Gallician autonomic channels.

Spanish Black Jets Exhibition Catalogue , that was celebrated in Gijón and Oviedo from August to September at 1996, a route of 800 years of history through one of the most singular offices of the had ones in the peninsular northwest .
Pages thirteen, fifteen and reverse side.
Magna shows Commissioner and Author:
Valentin Monte Carreño
Link to some Azabache - Asturian black Jet web pages
Link to some Azabache - Asturian black Jet web pages
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